MEGA 21G Air Operated Hydraulic Jacking Beam 2 Ton

MEGA 21G Air Operated Hydraulic Jacking Beam 2 Ton

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MEGA High quality hydraulic lifting equipment made in Spain designed specifically for the garage industry.

Air Operated Hydraulic Jacking Beam for use on four column lifting bridges or in pits.
Enable the lifting of two wheels of the vehicle simultaneously.
They are thereby indispensable for jobs such as wheel alignment, brake and suspension repairs, etc.
They are suitable for any width of pit and rail. The extendable arms and extension lifting saddles facilitate the exact positioning of all vehicles.
Sturdy construction.
LCS lowering control system.
Operation by the "dead man's" principle (the operation is halted if the user accidentally loses control)
Safety Overload Valve.
Hydraulic stroke limitation.


  • Capacity: 2 Ton
  • Telescopic arms: 88 - 168 cm
  • Stroke: 34 cm
  • Air supply: 7-10 Bar
  • Air consumption: 270 liter
  • Weight: 125 kg
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