FC-903T7 Gearless Brake Caliper Pressing Tool

FC-903T7 Gearless Brake Caliper Pressing Tool

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Gearless brake piston spreader kit with three pairs of spreader pads suitable for 1 - 2 - 4 - 6 and 8 multi piston calipers.
Centrally located ratchet evenly spreads force in a parallel manner to prevent misalignment of pistons.
With the ratchet handle capable of moving through a full 360º, even when access is difficult it will be easy to find a convenient angle to place the tool in the caliper. Extended reversing lever allows for easy change from spreading to retracting.
With dip-insulated handle.


  • Brake Piston Spreader
  • Spreader pad set: 90 x 60 mm for 1 and 2 pistons
  • Spreader pad set: 148 x 60 mm for 4 pistons
  • Spreader pad set: 180 x 60 mm for 6 and 8 pistons
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