WT-4147 Turbo System Leakage Tester

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Turbo system leakage tester set suitable for charged passenger car engines, both diesel and petrol.
Allows rapid diagnosis by pressure testing the charged air system with bayonet connectors.
Time-saving and professional testing of leaking charged air cooler and hidden cracks in the charged air hoses.
Also for checking the tightness of the AGR valve.
Suitable for all current hoses on the charged air system that are fitted with a bayonet connector.
In the event of pressure loss, the leak can be quickly and simply localised by scanning the part or using leak spray.
With integrated overpressure safety valve - opens at max. 1.8 bar.
Can be used in conjunction with conventional tyre inflators, the pressure gauge on the tyre inflator also indicates pressure loss.
Contains 6 plug pairs; Ø 31 - 38 - 46 - 51 - 56 - 61 mm.

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