FC-924B2 Brake Pressure Test Kit

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The Force Tools Brake Pressure Test Kit monitors domestic and import braking systems including both non-ABS and ABS systems. The kit diagnoses brake pull, uneven wear, and master cylinder problems to ensure proportional balance to all wheels.

Designed to test both line pressure and ABS accumulator pressure, the kit includes two 3,000-PSI gauge assemblies. These gauges are used for taking simultaneous, comparative readings of proportional brake pressure for both front and rear brakes, and testing primary vs. secondary pressure. The gauges can also measure in a metric scale (0-200kg/cm2 ) for domestic and foreign cars.

Each gauge assembly is equipped with an easy-to-read bleeder valve located at the gauge manifold for relieving pressure. For added safety and durability a 4,500-PSI rated nylon jacket pressure hose is connected to the gauge assembly. The kit also comes with a 22-piece adapter set that includes a wide selection of adapter fittings and bleeder screws

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