Force 647G2360A 1/4" Digital torque angle wrench 3 ~ 30Nm

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This digital torque-angle wrench from Force Tools measures more accurately than mechanical torque wrenches, and warns you both visually and audibly, so you can achieve the precise torque and rotation angle required for work on current vehicles.
The digital torque-angle wrench allows the technician to apply a specific torque load, followed by the angle specification, all in one convenient wrench.


  • Torque range: 3 ~ 30Nm
  • Angle Range: 1° - 180°
  • Unit Selection: Nm, Ft-lb, In-lb, kg-m
  • Operation Mode: Peak, Track
  • Clockwise and Counter-Clockwise Operating Direction
  • Grippy rubber handle keeps you in control
  • Buzzer and LED indicator
  • Auto sleep after 120s when idle
  • Accuracy: ± 1%
  • Memory holds up to 10 readings
  • RS-232 Data out
  • Battery: 3x AA
  • 1/4'' Square Drive
  • Length: 360 mm
  • Weight: 1012 gr.
  • Hard plastic case for storage and protection
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