Force 6472290W 1/4" Lock torque wrench 290mmL 1 ~ 25Nm

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The accuracy of the torque settings on this wrench easily fit within the industry standard of +/- 3% (EN ISO 6789/EN 26789).
The accuracy levels are across the whole length of the torque range rather than just the middle section.
To set the torque level, simply pull out the red insert at the end of the handle and turn.
The handle will softly click and hinge slightly at the head of the wrench when the correct torque level is reached.
The 1/4" square drive has a ball lock for sockets and a reversible action for undoing. The wrench is 290mm in length.
Sensitive and sound click when reaching torque.
Easy to use, accurate and reliable, great value.

  • 1/4" Drive
  • Total length 290mm
  • Torque range (fully adjustable) 1 ~ 25Nm
  • Comes with certification of calibration

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