Halder Hammer

Halder Hammer


HALDER professional hand tools for versatile use.
Precision made in Germany!



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Halder MAXXCRAFT Locksmith’s Hammer

Patented rubber connection between head and handle reduces both rebound and noise

24.95 *
In stock

Halder BLACKCRAFT Mallets

Hammer head integrated in a robust fully covering polyurethane coating

49.95 *
In stock

Halder SUPERCRAFT Mallets

Completely robot-welded, robust powder coating, maximum solidity of the inserts made from special nylon

34.95 *
In stock

Halder BASEPLEX Mallets

BASEPLEX mallets with zinc die cast housingand wooden handle

14.95 *
In stock

Halder SIMPLEX Mallets

SIMPLEX mallets with reinforced cast steel housing and fibre-glass handle

59.95 *
In stock

Halder SECURAL Mallet

Thanks to its rectangular inserts, SECURAL is the specialist mallet with benefits when working with corners and edges

44.95 *
In stock
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