Foam trays "Practical" (580 x 375 mm)


Two-colored foam modules for precise tool storage suitable for the "Practical" Tool trolley.
See what is missing: Missing tools can quickly be recognized which is budget-friendly.
Better organization: No more searching, perfect order.
Maximum cleanliness: simply clean under running water.
Dimensions: 580 x 375 mm.

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Force F5177 Foam Special Wrench set 17pc

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Force F5283 Foam Special Wrench set 28pc

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Force F5363 Foam Wrench set 36pc

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Force F5361 Foam Wrench set 36pc

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Force F5178 Foam Pliers set 17pc

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Force F51311 Foam Pliers set 13pc

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Force F5155 Foam Pliers set 15pc

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