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PayPal is an e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet. A PayPal account can be funded with a check or money order, an electronic debit from a bank account or by a credit card.

At we want to provide our customers with a wide range of payment methods. Our partner for credit card payments is ''. Safety and reliability are vital when ordering online. '' uses state-of-the-art safety and encryption methods to protect you from online fraud. Statistically, paying online with a credit card is saver than buying in a store, by phone or by fax.
"' provides iDEAL, Bankcontact, Visa and MasterCard.


Bank transfer

Bank transfer is a method of transferring money from one entity to another. A Bank transfer can be made from one entity's bank account to the other entity's bank account, and by a transfer of cash at a cash office Bank wire transfers is often the most expedient method for transferring funds between bank accounts.
The transfer messages are sent via a secure system (such as SWIFT) utilizing IBAN and BIC codes. Online bank transfer systems in Europe are popular alternative payment methods, where the bank transfer is authorized by the consumer who logs onto his bank website and authorizes the funds transfer for payment to a merchant.


After completing your order you will receive a confirmation email with your Order Number.
Please transfer the Total amount and include your Order Number.

  • Recipient: KEPMAR.EU
  • Bank: ING
  • IBAN: NL60INGB0002909425

Orders will be processed and shipped once the payment has been received.




Rates overview for International Destinations


Destination Rate
Netherlands (Nederland) € 5,95
Belgium (België / Belgique) € 7,95
Germany (Deutschland) € 7,95
Luxembourg € 12,95
Denmark (Danmark) € 12,95
France € 14,95
Austria (Österreich) € 14,95
Italy (Italia) € 14,95
United Kingdom € 29,95
Ireland € 29,95
Poland (Polska) € 29,95
Finland (Suomi) € 29,95
Sweden (Sverige) € 29,95
Norway (Norge) € 29,95
Spain (España) € 29,95
Portugal € 29,95
Switzerland (Schweiz / Suisse) € 29,95
Croatia (Hrvatska) € 29,95
Slovenia (Slovenija) € 29,95
Czech Republic (Česká republika) € 29,95
Slovakia (Slovenská republika) € 29,95
Hungary (Magyarország) € 29,95
Estonia (Eesti) € 29,95
Latvia (Latvija) € 29,95
Lithuania (Lietuva) € 29,95
Bulgaria (България) € 29,95
Romania (România) € 29,95
Greece (Ελλάδα) € 29,95


Shipping rates are incl. VAT.
Shipping rates are based on weights of 0 - 31kg.
For shipments >31kg there are different international shipping rates, please contact us for the exact rate.
For all our shipments we use GLS Global Logistic Services.